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The cremation container or tray is a temporary storage container that a person's remains are placed in prior to cremation. The tray is then cremated along with the body.

This container is required by Washington state law.

A burial vault or liner is used for in-ground burials, and the casket is placed inside the liner. They are most often made of concrete or plastic. Most cemeteries require a vault or liner for burial.

Certified copies of death certificates may be needed to settle legal affairs and file for life insurance. They are purchased from the health department, and your funeral home can place the order for you. It is our experience that most families will need 3-5 copies. 

Embalming is not required for burial or cremation. Embalming may be required for services that include any type of viewing of the deceased.

Social Security Administration will be automatically notified of the death by the funeral director. A one-time death benefit of $255 may be available to a surviving spouse only. Minor children of the deceased may also be eligible for monthly benefits. The Social Security Administration is located at 714 N Iron Bridge Way Ste. 100, Spokane, WA 99202 and can be reached at 866-331-5532.

There is no death benefit from Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security Disability.

Urns are the containers that cremated remains are placed into after the cremation process. Most urns are constructed of wood, metal, marble, or biodegradable materials. In addition, some urns are designed for specific uses such as burial or scattering. We carry a selection of over 50 urns.

Caskets are not required for cremation. We offer a wide selection of both wood and metal caskets for burials.

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